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Our 3 x 1.5m HD TV is hot bed for sports fans – where you can catch all the big games and events. We’ll even let you book a table to guarantee seats, but get in early or you could miss out.

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13 Dec

Football Charlton vs Hull 19:45 book

14 Dec

Football Liverpool vs Watford 12:30 book
Football Southampton vs West Ham 17:30 book

15 Dec

Football Man Utd vs Everton 14:00 book
Football Arsenal vs Man City 16:30 book

16 Dec

Football C Palace vs Brighton 19:45 book

17 Dec

Football Aston Villa vs Liverpool 19:45 book

18 Dec

Football Oxford Utd vs Man City 19:45 book

21 Dec

Football Everton vs Arsenal 12:30 book
Football Man City vs Leicester 17:30 book

22 Dec

Football Watford vs Man Utd 14:00 book
Football Tottenham vs Chelsea 16:30 book

23 Dec

Football Blackburn vs Wigan 19:45 book

28 Dec

Football Brighton vs Bournemouth 12:30 book
Football Norwich vs Tottenham 17:30 book
Football Burnley vs Man Utd 19:45 book

29 Dec

Football Celtic vs Rangers 12:30 book
Football Arsenal vs Chelsea 14:00 book
Football Liverpool vs Wolves 16:30 book

30 Dec

Football Derby vs Charlton 19:45 book

01 Jan

Football West Brom vs Leeds 17:15 book
Football Arsenal vs Man Utd 20:00 book

01 Feb

Rugby Union Wales vs Italy 14:15 book
Rugby Union Ireland vs Scotland 16:45 book

02 Feb

Rugby Union France vs England 15:00 book

08 Feb

Rugby Union Ireland vs Wales 14:15 book
Rugby Union Scotland vs England 16:45 book

09 Feb

Rugby Union France vs Italy 15:00 book

22 Feb

Rugby Union Italy vs Scotland 14:15 book
Rugby Union Wales vs France 16:45 book

23 Feb

Rugby Union England vs Ireland 15:00 book

07 Mar

Rugby Union Ireland vs Italy 14:15 book
Rugby Union England vs Wales 16:45 book

08 Mar

Rugby Union Scotland vs France 15:00 book

14 Mar

Rugby Union Wales vs Scotland 14:15 book
Rugby Union Italy vs England 16:45 book
Rugby Union France vs Ireland 20:00 book

27 May

Football TBC vs TBC 20:00 book

30 May

Football TBC vs TBC 20:00 book

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